Large number of partners: is it bad for potency and men health or not!

Large number of partners: is it bad for potency and men health or not!Every single man should know that sex is not only emotional exchange and amazing joy, it is import and export of microbes too. During the whole kinds of sex (classic, oral, anal) you will export huge quantity of batteries, microbes etc. into your body. Even in case if you have only one partner during a long period of time, it doesn’t mean that this way of exchange would be stopped. This is the basic rule of natural exchange of liquids. After every sex, our immune system starts its work to protect us from the negative influence of batteries etc. which came from inside. It trying to keep everything under the control to avoid possible aggression of side microbial environment. At the same time, you should understand that love doesn’t concern your health because you partner’s diseases can bring damage to you and that’s why you should pay attention to this problem.

More partners – more danger

Of course we should remember that in case if two people having sex during a long period of time without any kind of exchange with other partners, it means that the risk of intoxication is pretty low, but anyway, sometimes infection could come from the places you never expected. For example, in public swimming pool.

But at the same time, it would be important to remind why a huge quantity of partners brings danger:

  • mental health depends on regular relationships and different partners can’t provide that;
  • fast partner’s change brings the risk of ED because it is impossible to be “suitable” for every partner and it could become to be the base of mental disorder.

In case if you are someone who prefers regular sex with different partners on the support of Viagra and Cialis, you should know that pills can’t protect you from all possible disorders too.

More partners – more risks

In case if you preferLarge number of partners: is it bad for potency and men health or not! to have sex with different partners, you should know that the risk that soon Cialis from Canada will be your daily routine is growing up. The thing is that too often sex without stable brings the risk of fast deterioration. Such group of men always have:

  • cardiovascular diseases as the result of excessive system’s exploitation;
  • problems in career, because without partner’s support it is not easy to stand despite all difficulties.

At the same time, in that case, generic Cialis could become to be habitual. In stable pair sex with doping could be the surprise to remind feelings and emotions. In the case when you need to create an amazing impression on a new woman every single day, your body is going to be under the risk.

Large number of partners: is it bad for potency and men health or not!

Expenses of women

We shouldn’t worry about the cost of Cialis because it is the smallest one reason to avoid a large number of women. The main idea is to keep your health without damage because in wrong case your treatment is going to provide really large bills.

It is always more healthy to keep your savings of money and emotions and spend them to one chosen person. That kind of exchange will save your health and will make you rich (emotional and financial).

So, as you can see, monogamy is the natural way to save your health with sex. At the same time, in case if you depend on impression which you always gives to every single new partner, you should be ready that this fact is going to spoil your health.